The «Christian World Union» was established in 2013. The Union aims at protecting and preserving traditional spiritual values as well as supporting ancient Christian Churches of the Middle East and protecting Christian heritage of the region.

Among the goals of the Union are

  • International and interfaith dialogue aimed at strengthening peace and mutual coexistence;
  • Implementation of social and educational programs;
  • Support of traditional moral values through legal, media and educational mechanisms;
  • Humanitarian and media support of Christian communities in the Middle East;
  • Implementation of educational exchange of the youth with Christian communities in the Middle East as well as Greek, Serbian and Bulgarian orthodox churches;
  • Advocacy in the sphere of law and preserving historical heritage of the ancient churches.

Events of the Union are assisted by the Russian orthodox church with the participation of Armenian, Alexandrian, Antiochian, Greek, Serbian and Bulgarian orthodox churches.

The Union collaborates with European, CIS, and the Middle East embassies, relevant ministries and institutions as well as national-culture associations of Russia and diaspora networks abroad.

The «Christian World Union» jointly with the Moscow state pedagogical university and support of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation implements the project of developing programs for studying the Russian language in educational organizations of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Union works closely with the Antiochian orthodox church. Over the past 2 years the members of the Union made several visits to different metropolitans belonged to the Antiochian orthodox church, sent more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid for orthodox dioceses as well as other religious denominations living in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Union main event is annual International religious forum.

Forum has been attended by more than 2000 people from the most regions of Russia and more than 20 European and the Middle East states. The Forum involves more than 20000 people participating in discussions and organizational processes.

Among the Union “Christian World” projects are

  1. Annual international forum «Religion and Peace»;
  2. Annual International Christian Forum;
  3. Humanitarian mission and social service;
  4. Educational activities;
  5. Public diplomacy;
  6. Media activities.